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Jun 24, 2008
Has anyone had a problem with kim & co items that have been washed and have faded. I have a lapis blue skirt which has been washed a couple of times and have just received a jacket in lapis blue which is completely a different shade, so my skirt must have faded when washed, I understood kim to say that the colours do not change, she has said that the black stays black, well the lapis does not stay dark is so annoying when you have to send things back because they do not match, and loose postage for sending for them in the first place.
Kim does claim that her fabrics are colour fast but I am afraid that that is not the case with all the colours. The bordeaux can be guaranteed to turn everything pink!
The colours definitely don't stay true.Everything I've bought in black has ended up as a muddy greeny-brown colour with the colour flooding out at every wash---a gentle hand wash at that.I won't buy anything of hers anymore.

Kim makes the claim because she advises us to 'lay them flat to dry'. Do you do this? Indoors? If you have ever pegged the clothes on the line the sunlight will fade the colour.

I have had a few black things turn a funny shade so I just sell them as worn on ebay and buy a new item.
i reckon you should send back the 'faded' item ( however long you've had it ) and ask for a refund quoting her promise.....She shouldn't be able to tell such porkers.

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