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Nov 21, 2008
Has anyone bought any of the KJL jewellery? I was wondering what the quality is like. I loved the colours of the hot pick inaugural faux pearls and OTO matching bracelets last night. Having just had a spending blitz on Honora I was wondering how these faux pearls compared to the real thng.
i bought during the previous visit the panther brooch and it is exquisite.
I love his jewellery despite not having any of it personally yet. I often see pieces in magazine fashion shots and fashion show reports. I missed the show last night so I will go and have a look at some videos. I think he has a thriving business in the USA.
As I sent some of my Honora back :sad: I ordered the necklace. Haven't tried his range before, so will let you know when it arrives!
I have a string of KJL faux pearls from about 10years ago and they're lovely and weighty, still look perfect and are a beautiful golden shade. They came in a large square presentation box with a felt bag to protect them.

Some of his designs were a little odd imho when the range was on QVC before, but there's no doubt they're well made.

J x

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