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Aug 21, 2008
I got a delivery this morning of my very first KVZ handbag (it was the hotpick!) and I can't believe the quality and detail....I'm totally converted. I can't afford higherend designer bags anymore...but I can tell you....my new KVZ is better quality and better to look at than bags i have paid at least double the price.

Cant wait for the TSV!!!
You might want to look in TK Maxx if there is on near you. I've seen KVZ bags in a number of their stores recently and they've been cheaper than QVC.
Hiya Mandik! I got the hotpick too, in the natural and just like you I love it!! It's a great size and shape and the make up bag is great too. I already have one of Kathy's bags which I bought in the US and agree the quality is fabulous.

I have found that the bags in TKMaxx are usually older styles, QVC, although much more expensive, have the newest funkiest styles IMO.

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