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Jun 25, 2008
hi ladies hope you are all well.
can i ask if anyone knows if kama charms are the same as pandora charms?
my friend has a pandora bracelet and i wanted to get her a charm for xmas (very prepared this year for some reason!! not like me at all!) and i spotted a couple of beautiful kama charms that i know she would love but am not sure if they would fit the pandora bracelet she has.
sorry to ramble on and on.....
thanks kitty
hi Kitty

I have not personally seen a Pandora charm bracelet, but i have been told by other customers that our charms do fit on them,

hope this helps


Steve B.
hi steve thanks for your quick reply, i will go and choose which one to get for her...and perhaps buy myself a kama bracelet! they are lovely
thanks again kitty

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