just had email about 4 day Craft event - o whoopppeee dooo


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Jun 26, 2008
And guess what

It's back by demand!!!!!

And even more exciting (not) it's wait for it.......Decoupage.......wow can't wait, :mad:

Are they mad or what?

Mind you, as I don't watch it, (I flick) and no longer get Sky signal so no C&C or any other of the repeat channels.....why am i bothered?

Well what can i moan at now :33:
Ok, IW, we give up, tell us what you want and it's yours but please stop with the craft!!!

and i forgot

there are some bangles which don't look bad, so presumably you have to paint them

But when i read decoupage and more decoupage i thought, not again but then i remembered it's IW and they have more repeats than a bag of sprouts

But its Craft day on Qvc tuesday so lets see if they redress the balance , i read/heard that Donna & Carol are back I just hope they don't put them with Jill Franks like last time. she was so rude to them continually talking over them about totally unrelated carp.
I was going to post a comment about all these craft events but I am lost for words!

Back by demand?!:11:

As demanded by Weightman and The Marsdens they mean!
The bit that made me laugh was this:

To make sure emails from Create and Craft always arrive in your inbox and are not treated as junk mail, please add
[email protected] to your email address book.

I would have thought that the Junk Mail described it perfectly!

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