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Jun 24, 2008
Just received these to cheer myself up. Been on holiday for 2 weeks and had rain, rain and more rain so thought I deserved a wee treat! Didn't go away as I won't leave my dogs and cats and we're still renovating the house so plenty to be done - although to be honest I've been a lazy moo for a fortnight!!

Anyway, here they are:-

Really sparkly and cheery, fab colour but yet another Silver one!

Don't really know why I bought this - think I was hoping for sunshine and summer clothes! Nice though and cheap.

Colourful and different - I like the way this can be worn with a variety of pendants as you can match any of the stones.

I don't think I posted these which came the other day:-

This is to match a ring which is the same combination of gems but unfortunately the bale wouldn't stay closed - it's detachable. However, Ben in CS was brilliant and there's a replacement on it's way. It's really nice and fairly substantial.

This stone is paler than I expected but it's still pretty, good silver weight and thickness and I like the design of the ring so I'm keeping it.

That's it for now. Back to work on Monday so no doubt the rain will be gone and the sun will be shining! Obviously it's not true about the sun shining on the righteous!!
Oh Klos hun another fantastic haul.
I simply love the Multi gem droplet it is soooo beautiful.

You lucly lucky thing you!
Very pretty Klos - sorry about the weather, but now you'll be able to wear your own sunshine instead :)
Great selection as ever, Klos. I think the colour of the Tangerine Garnets in the first ring wowed me most, bet it'll look gorgeous in the sunshine. (So hope the sun is shining for you today!)

Lovely mix of soft colours on the other pieces, and I'm also quite taken with Chalcedony, having bought my DD a pear of earrings with ruby/amethyst/chalcedony combo. It has such a lovely smooth texture and co-ordinates very well with Amethyst. So well done on two great hauls!

Sorry Klosblue, I answered this post in your other one about delivery by mistake:rolleyes: I must be going doo lally! sorry about that. You can read what I say there, but I love your items.
I don't have enough Thank You's to use for everyone :Thumbsdown: so here's one big one for you all THANK YOU
Sorry you had a soggy holiday but I think you have more than made up for it. What wonderful summery bling. I LOVE the lemon lab (how pale is it?), and the tangerine garnet but they're all lovely. Well deserved, enjoy them. ;)
Some lovely and very diferent pieces there KB, well done. I really like your multi gem ring, its very individual. BTW hope you are all dried out now!!

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