Julian doing Veronese at Midnight


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Jun 24, 2008
Did anyone see the Veronese TSV launch last night? Julian had to step in at the last minute because Julia had been unable to get in 'due to the snow'. For someone who rarely presents jewellery shows - actually for anyone - he did a magnificant job. He was descriptive, he asked intelligent, helpful question and set a lovely mood. I think he is underrated because he usually does the more 'blokey' products.
Well done Julian!
I really love Julian and he comes across as such a lovely person.

The fact he is gorgeous too does help alot.
I agree he did a fab job. I chatted with him at NYNY last month and he struck me as very genuine and sincere.

The funny thing which struck me was that I was hearing Charlie-esque comments in my head (the voices again!) for each item, but it was refreshing to note that Julian didn't resort to the hackneyed cliches. I know he has his own formula for presenting which he sticks to, but I actually found myself paying more attention than I usually would.

Jude xx
It was nice to see Jules on in a more 'primetime' slot, he's definitely my favourite presenter :)
I like Julian too and was very impressed last night ! He should definitely present more jewellery shows. I had to endure Claudia on the Honora show and it was awful. She just comes across as so false and pompous.

Julian was so natural and genuine ... MORE JEWELLERY SHOWS FOR HIM, PLEASE !!
Yeah, Julian is a real trooper! I've seen him have to stand in before for the odd jewellery show and he's does really well. He always comes across as cheerful and genuine. He's very good - a real asset to QVC.
I remember the early days when Julian presented jewellery and always wondered why he stopped doing them. I thought he did a really great job last night, particularly considering he was drafted in at short notice and hadn't had much time to prepare. I think he put a lot (if not most) of the regular presenters to shame. I hope he's allowed to do more. I think he's a lovely man.
The fact that he is rarely on a good slot only bodes well for him really cause lets face it if he was on prime time all the time like Charlie, Claire, Julia and others who do the prime time slots, I think he would loose that fabulous touch he has for presenting.

Do you know what I mean?
I think from what I have heard mention he does more behind the scences work, such as auditioning guest presenters.

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