Julia says sorry to Simon from B&W


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Laura L'occitane Earle

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Nov 9, 2009
Did anyone watch the show last night? I only caught the bit where JR said they had received e-mails complaining that she was bing rude to Simon. She appologised to viewers if they thought she had been rude, but then dismissed it by tossing her head and saying "that's just the relationship we have!"

I'm intrigued. What did she say to him?

Please put me out of my misery.
As far as I can remember I think it was right at the beginning of the show when Julia was introducing the show and he was adjusting the cushion on his chair trying to get comfy. You could see him bobbing up and down at the left of the screen and Julia kept telling him to 'sit down and to get out of my shot' - obviously in a jokey way.

Can't believe some saddos complained unless there was something else :dunno:

Hey, maybe we should all email/text in when Alison Young is rude to her guests and ask the powers that be to make her apologise :manic:
I enjoy the shows too. I think Simon is a sweetie, and a really genuine person. Julia can be very charming, when she's not being a bit superior and head girly. And I think they do have a nice banter together, and are obviously good mates, as Simon is always giving JR presents. I wouldn't mind a good mate like that.
It was quite a harsh telling off, in that she sounded genuinely cross, rather than just jokey, and being at the start of the programme, before there had been any other banter or conversation somehow made it sound all the more serious.

But - I have to say, he drives me nuts with his constant interruptions and dismissive attitude to the customers ('We don't want complaints', 'I can't be bothered to do rings what with all the different sizes' and 'I get sick of people coming into my shop asking for the art deco stuff' being just three of his gems this time round - two of those comments to T-callers as well), and I've long thought he needed taking down a peg or two.

I agreed with Julia's sentiments 100% and would have been itching to say something similar had that been me - I just think it probably wasn't the most professional thing for her to have done, however much he deserved it (and he did).
Simon had clearly had a couple of bowls of b****y yesterday! I like the guy, but some of his comments can be a little close to the bone and his constant comments to Rene & Alli were really beginning to grate on me by the end of the weekend (Mother had pretty much watched every show!) and had I been modelling for him and getting some of those comments directed at me I think I would have lamped him a shot!

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