Julia on Liz Earle show 11/9


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I thought her hair was looking quite dull, it looked better last night.
I caught a bit of the Travelon show Julian was presenting and when he crossed to Julia for bit where they say what is coming up in the next hour he said that they had just had a photoshoot for the birthday celebrations. I reckon that's why she looked so nice. Mum commented that she looked more groomed than usual and I have to agree.
I saw Julia on a show a couple of days ago, and her hair was so scraggy - the 'Catweazel' look I called it....

I wish she would get it all cut off!!!
I thought Julia looked lovely on with Liz Earle last night, but I noticed how 'soft focus' it was too.:33:
That's because Liz demands honey lights to give her that very flattering glow. Her skin looks lovely, but you could still see her eye bags - which goes to show there is only so much that skin care can do.

Julia's hair did look glossy, but still not convinced by that long slightly unkempt look. Wasn't keen on Liz's scrapped back look - over use of styling product on tv tends to look a bit greasy. :33:
i thank you all for your lovely comments, did i look small??

oops sorry i agree julia did look fabulous.

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