Julia has just admitted that she is wearing a size medium............


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Oct 7, 2008
............ but that it is only because the size small wasn't available and that the medium is too big !!!!

Mr Winetime reckons they must usually cut the labels out and tell her she is wearing a small but just forgot this time :1:
At least it fitted her - the things she normally wears are to tight and cling in all the wrong places.
The thing is medium in QVC fashion is really Large in High street fashion.
Hope Julia starts back on her fitness routine soon, it will take years off her.
I thought she looked better in the jewellery hour earlier - but then she was behind a desk so I could only see her upper body!!!
I do not understand this desire to find fault with any beautiful or thin women.
Sorry - I have just seen her in the last hour - full length - could I please retract the above comment. It was better behind the desk!!!!
She would have to mention that wouldnt she :)

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I do not understand this desire to find fault with any beautiful or thin women.

I really like Julia - I think she is a great presenter and a very attractive woman. BUT she mentions that she wears a size small far too often whilst wearing tops that are patently too tight.
You can't persist in such pulic delusion and not expect it to be commented on.

There is a lot of affection and respect for Julia on this forum but also some humour about her foibles.

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