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Jan 23, 2009
Did anyone else try this?

I was running short on moisturiser and eye cream so seemed a worthy price to pay.

Not really sure how I feel about it yet though. The ingredients sounded impressive but it does seem quite highly perfumed for skincare. The serum was quite different to any other I have tried.

For cleanser I like my Gatineau serenite too much and despite trying lots of others Decleor remains my favourite moisturiser.

Just interested to hear other views please.
I haven't tried this. There are three reviews for it on QVC - all 5*. Maybe a bit quick because the reviewers haven't had the product that long.

I also could only find German sites for Judith Williams - although she doesn't sound German from her name.

I won't be buying this but I'd be interested in what the ingredients are - they went on at length about how many 'phytos' and 'minerals' the products contain, but I bet there's plenty of other fillers.

I am stupid really, but I can't help go on the name and packaging. This looks to me on the Gayle Hayman lines.

Hope all of you that bought it are pleased with the results. It was a lot of product for a try me.

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