Joby Gorilla Tripod


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I'm sure it would work very well but i wouldn't get it.Poundland do a small tripod yes for a quid it holds my Fuji slr which is fairly heavy really well.
I think that there are 3 sizes (suitable for compact camera, slr, camcorder/large slr)
You may find some more info here
There are a number of sizes based on weight of camera. I've got the SLR version and its great - and does grip - I put it around a standard lamp to test and its still there! :)
I have a pink gorillapod and it's great! There are 3 sizes: 1 for "normal" size digital cameras, 1 for SLR/DSLR and 1 for SLR/DSLR with zoom. As Lioness said, if you go to the joby site there is a guide to see which size tripod you need.

So yes, I recommend this tripod :)
yes i've got one of these, not a pink one tho :( its very useful especially if you take phots outside because it fastens to anything
Go-for-it.. I really do recommend it .. it's my new best friend, I love it

I've had some nasty experiences in the past with balancing my camera on things to get a self timer pic.. the best one being ...

Clever Clogs here tried to balance camera on top of an ice bucket (yes full of ice) lol not one of my best ideas YEP sure enough it fell in and ruined my camera.

I love this lil Gorilla from QVC it fool proof, has a good grip and SAFE!!

ps. but mine's not pink either :(

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