Jilly Johnson joins Victoria Burton on the Rocks & Co. red carpet


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<img src="/images/channels/rocksandco/jilly_rocks.jpg" border="1" alt="Jilly Johnson" title="Jilly Johnson" hspace="3" vspace="1" align="right" />Rocks and Co. is rolling out the red carpet for Jilly Johnson this week in Celebrity Selection, Sunday at 6pm on Sky channel 642. <br /> <br />Jilly is a household name associated with glamour and beauty. Her career spans over 30 years and her professional and personal life has been chronicled (accurately & inaccurately), both by the press and television. This Sunday night she will show viewers her favourite pieces from the exclusive Rocks & Co. collections, as well as answering viewers’ questions sent in by text and e-mail.<br /><br />Jilly’s rise to fame was spectacular and she was in demand as a fashion model before she became Britain’s first Page 3 Girl in 1970! A tongue in cheek attitude to glamour modelling briefly followed, before she formed a fun pop group called ‘Blonde On Blonde’ with fellow model Nina Carter. Blonde On Blonde enjoyed major success both in UK and abroad – nearly causing riots in Japan with their number one hit!<br /><br />Jilly retired from music and modelling to look after her daughter Lucy. She then pursued a career in theatre and television as an actress and presenter, appearing on daytime television including This Morning, GMTV, and Loose Women. The hardback edition of Jilly’s first novel Double Exposure, was launched in 1994. Her second novel, Playing For Love, was released in September 1997. She is now in her 50’s and a proud grandmother of nine. She is the supreme and typical example of the Glamorous Granny, who practises what she preaches regarding her health, beauty & fitness regimes.Jilly joins Rocks & Co.’s very own Victoria Burton this Sunday at 6pm, for two hours of fun, chat and fabulous jewellery. Why not text Jilly, just send Celeb and your question to 82222 or e-mail <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>
This channel is far too girly and I'm a female! Needs to mix up the sexes a bit. Blonde on Blonde...please, it sounds like a dodgy mag! They'll be dragging Linda Lussardi on next. Ahhh it's all squeeky voices. Get some male presenters on to balance it all out or females with some humour.
Brings back memories for me, remember meeting Blonde on Blonde when they appeared on Saturday Scene on ITV in London, many years ago.

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