Lapidary Tenner Diniz Appears On Rocks & Co.


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<img src="/images/tenner2.jpg" border="0" alt="Tenner Diniz" title="Tenner Diniz" hspace="4" vspace="2" align="right" />Rocks & Co. is delighted to announce that Tenner Diniz, one of the worlds most experienced lapidaries, will be making a special guest appearance this weekend. Tenner will be on Rocks & Co. from midday Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you’re passionate about gemstones, you can’t afford to miss Tenner this weekend!<br /><br />A lapidary is a virtuoso skilled in the art of cutting, polishing and engraving gemstones, an art form Tenner Diniz has worked hard to master during his six years in the gemstone business. True ‘artists in stone’, lapidary has evolved over thousands of years.<br /><br />As the brother of the Rocks & Co. resident gem hunter, Tony Diniz, gemstones have always been part of Tenner’s life. When Tenner was old enough to enter the industry, he focused on lapidary, gradually moving from pre-forming to slicing to cutting and then polishing. Today, he is also a gemstone buyer who has travelled to over 19 countries in his quest for gemstones.<br /><br />The thing that fascinates Tenner most about his career is his ability to beautifully transform rare natural treasures from the earth. For Tenner, the art of making a gem assume a certain shape, unlocking its lustre, colour and brilliance is the challenge. Not only does he travel the world hunting for rough gemstones, but once sourced, his goal is ensure each raw crystal reaches its full potential.<br /><br />Amongst lapidaries, Tenner belongs to the elite that can expertly facet Kunzite, a gemstone many cutters find challenging. But more importantly, he can cut any gem variety and has personally cut many of the gemstones sold at Rocks & Co.<br /><br />Don’t miss Tenner Diniz this weekend on Sky channel 642, where he’ll give you his perspective on the gemstones sold at Rocks & Co. Do you have a question for Tenner? Either text him on 82222 (just put STUDIO followed by your question) or e-mail <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>. <br /><br />

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