Jilly holiday and jan springer


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Jun 26, 2008
What a pleasure it was to watch these two ladies present the gold programme tonight.

It was just two people having a conversation about the jewellery,not the presenter screeching over the guest and showing off how little he/she knows!

I would give this my accolade for most informative and interesting programme with mutual respect and politeness between the presenters.

Think will have to make appointment with doctor, that's twice this week I've praised QVC!
I fully agree with you Ruthmay. This is how I like to see the programmes presented. QVC and presenters please take note.
An informative and interesting programme- and the gold was great, too. No silly rivalry or out-talking each other and I'd love to see all the presenters taking a leaf out of Jilly's book.
I saw Jan the other night and she looked just like an old granny with a shawl round her shoulders, I expected her to be sitting in a rocking chair. Sorry but I find it hard to listen to her talking about something that is meant to enhance your appearance when she presents herself like that.
PS Apologies to any grandmas on here, I am sure you are all better turned out than Jan.

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