Jill Franks - Glowing Tonight!


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Sep 29, 2008
Just watching Jill Franks on the A'Kin hour (7pm) and have to give priase where its due - she looks glowing and radiant tonight.

Think she has toned the hair colour down a bit and it looks healthy and shiny!

Not always my favourite person but since we are being all warm and cuddly on here at the moment thought i would give it a go!!!
It's the new hair colour I think. I thought she looked good too.

If someone's hair and skin and make up are too similar in tone then they often look washed out I have observed, and I think JF was suffering from that a bit before.

I always want to put a bit of blusher on her and brighten her face up a bit! :D
About time, eh? :rolleyes:

I noticed her hair looked different - and better - a few days ago. Thought the producers have probably had a word with her in regards to her poor image as most of the other presenters are always well turned out. Jill was letting them and the channel down, so it's about time she used some of the money she's raking in to make herself more presentable as there's really no excuse!

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