January Sale, has anyone bought anything?


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Jun 29, 2008
Last year I noticed the sale online and got loads of items but not this year.

Did anyone else get any goodies or even notice if they had a sale online?
I got a pair of black pearl earrings and a white pearl ring for Christmas, but nothing for the best part of last year, and nothing in the 'sale'

Did anyone even notice if GemsTV even had a sale on their website? I went on it a few times, clicked on 'Sale' but just got terms and conditions of their 'Sale'. I got loads last year from their online sale but not a bean this year.
I must admit with their prices going up to ridiculous amounts I haven't bought anything from them since last summer, which is a shame as I used to really like their pieces.
a dolce gusto krupps coffeemachine which was half price (argos, they put the price up again now)
shoes and boots from clarks which were 70% off

lol Yazrose, I didn't notice this was posted in the Gemstv section...:backward;
I posted this last evening and must admit my braincells were only working 2%.
.... i checked out the gems tv sales but didnt buy anything

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