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Jun 24, 2008
Don't watch IW much,but turned on last night and saw ADVERTS in between the shows.(British gas was one of them):11:Are they really that hard up?
I notice that too.
They never had ad's before they
must be the irons back today arrrrrrr.:(
The Ads have been on now for quite a few weeks

Must say the Ads better than the rest of programmes at times.

On the whole very boring to watch these days with/without Ads!
Surely these advertisers would not pay for slots on a channel that they thought was going under?It must cost the likes of Persil and Calgon quite alot to advertise with IW, they must have done their viewer and sales research... this surely means that IW are sucessful or why would big brands want to be associated with them? And as you said, the ads have been on for a few weeks now, so it must be working for both parties? has Howards washing powder ad been on yet? That would be funny....
That's the point,i think Ideal sell advertising space really cheap just to bring some money in,it's not a good sign when shopping channels use adverts.
When i think it might be something of interest I record it then fast forward just watching bits, the adverts get zoomed over whatever channel whenever possible, though occasionally useful to run while making brew or nipping to loo:4:

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