It's as if they have never existed.


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Jul 2, 2008
Why is it, whenever a guest or presenter leaves, they are never mentioned of again. It's as if they never existed. Remember Daniel Green, Kara Baker, Lee from Philosophy, Merriel from BE and Lorraine from Kipling? I don't think Dawn has mentioned Leoni once since she went over to C&C either.
Hi Eileen! I suppose it's too 'awkward',especially where Leonie is concerned as she is working for a competitor. C&C seem to be really trying to compete with craft on QVC at the moment and I expect QVC don't want to advertise where Leonie went as many people don't come on forums like this and wouldn't know. I'm sure a lot of people would tune into C&C if they knew that's where she had gone too.
Lee has his own website and I am sure it's commercial so again they wouldn't want people to know where he is. Kara I expect went back to the work she was doing before. I didn't like Daniel but why would they have need to talk about him anyway? Idon't suppose his early resignation made him too popular with the bosses either!

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