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Jun 27, 2008
Did anyone else buy this?

I had been saving a sweater of my DS with a fruit juice stain-as per the demo.It didn't touch the stain,but it did turn the grey stripe on the sweater pink.
You need to colour test REALLY carefully,as it's just like putting neat bleach on your clothes.
Also he used it without gloves-my skin rarely reacts to anything,bit ti did to this paste,the rash and itching are awful (teach me to always wear gloves!)
I have tried it on a chinese foof stain on a white shirt-oxi normally removes that easily enough,this paste didn't touch it. I can't understand it,as I followed directions exactly and even watched the video demo again prior to using.

I am going to phone QVC CS later to discuss and demand full refund incl p&p,if they refuse I may contact trade descriptions as I feel the demo was extremely misleading.
I would love to hear if others disagree with me though-maybe there's a trick I didn't get!
I don't think there was any trick to it you just applied it and rinse off as far as i could see.What kind of chinese foof was it ? :D
I have the Stainz r out and that has got stains out of most things ,it is only on W/L at the mo but is on a try me price.The number is 827730,sorry can't do links.:D

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