It Works! Stain remover set with sponge


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Kipling Kween

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The minute I saw this come on - a set of 3 tubes of stain remover, I immediately thought it looked like 'Didi 7'.

And my goodness - he did the self-same demos as they used to do with the 'Didi 7' stain remover some 18-20 years ago!! I remember it from the early cable channels back in the late 80s in the late night shopping channels they used to have back then.

Anyone else remember 'Didi 7'? It worked great in the demos, but I heard reports that you'd need to use nearly the whole tube to get the same results for yourself. So, nothing changes except the name (and the price).
Yes, I bought it, though not from QVC or I'da returned it :(

But one of their other products does work and I'm just going to post in another thread on it so as not to confuse.

I can tell you exactly when Didi 7 was about - 1991/92. When I was at school we had a French student teacher whose name was Didier. So, being giggly 15 year olds we thought it was hilarious to call him Didi 7 in honour of this cleaning product that was advertised on Channel 4 in the Countdown commercial breaks. As for it's cleaning prowess I cannot comment on as it wasn't very high on my agenda at the time.

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