Isnt Today Winter Fasion Day???????


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Jun 26, 2008
Then why isnt any winter stuff being shown ...other than kipling and markon ,rest is almost utter junk .
The dreamkeeper is the worst looks like to be worn on Halloween Day .:43:
Its just gets worst on QVC especially fashion
Seriously this dreamkeeper stuff is gross ! I could imagine some old lush with a fag on burning holes in them. Just horrid horrid horrid !
If they can shift this dross and make huge profits, what's stopping them from selling decent clothing? What's with their obsession with acrylics and embelishments, for gawds sake??????????????
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Dreamkeeper is on again. I feel I should be getting one but they remind me of dodgy hairdresser robes/capes. they did show a photo of Jennifer dressed as a witch wearing one-money's safe me thinks !
Have they got any of that peacock one left? rolleye

I really don't trust myself to switch on. :22:

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