Is Victoria Burton OK?


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Jul 4, 2008
Hello everyone.

I was just randomly channel hopping and came to Rocks & Co.

Victoria Burton is presenting and it seems to me that her speech is a bit slurry. This might be a totally unjustified observation - in which case I apologise unreservedly - but I wonder whether she's had a couple of Tizer's before coming on air!!
Blimey I see what you mean!

One too many sherbets me thinks!
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I switched on to have a look Mike and she didn't seem to be her usual self.
I think she always sounds like that. She stutters a lot and doesn't appear to concentrate very well when she's talking but I think that's because she's listening to someone rabbiting in her ear. Although I think her presenting skills leave an awful lot to be desired, I hope she isn't ill as I wouldn't wish ill health on anyone whether I like them or not. Now if it's alcohol induced then I have no sympathy whatsoever but as she's quite obviously the Golden Girl as far as Rocks are concerned I think she can pretty much do as she likes and nothing would be said!

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