Is todays TSV any good?


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Feb 1, 2009
I was a bit disappointed to see reeds as the TSV today but it does look quite nice. Has anyone used th:1:ese before. Do they smell good or is it a waste of money?
I was a bit disappointed to see reeds as the TSV today but it does look quite nice. Has anyone used th:1:ese before. Do they smell good or is it a waste of money?

I was wondering too. Just typed in the brand name for similar products and previous tsv by them and the reviews make them look pretty naff.
I bought the reeds when they were the TSV first time around (think they repeated them) and I was disappointed as the smell is very, very weak. I know a lot of members here felt the same - think Fraggle was one and I'm sure she returned them.

My advice? Save your money.
I have the Colonial reeds and to be honest when they are finished I won't be buying anymore. Much prefer candles or tarts as you can actually smell them, I find that to smell the reeds I have to put my nose near enough on the reeds themselves. Very disappointed.
I bought some reeds from Homebase a few months ago and they had quite a strong, artifical scent and you can't blow them out (like a candle) or switch them off (like a plug in). I think I'll stick with candles in future. Hope this helps.
might be worth having a look on ebay,they have yankee ones on there,I have an orange one which is really nice in the bathroom and you can smell the fragrance too
Dont waste your money on these - the smell is non exsistant !! The best reeds are yankee candles one - lovely scents & they last 3 months at least

I bought Aroma Di Casa reeds when they were the TSV first time too. There were four fragrances and they were ALL disappointing. The smell just didn't exist at all! :12: "Don't buy them!"
I too bought the Arom Di Casa ones and they were really disappointing. They smelled really synthetic to me and I sent them back. Am tempted to try the Yankee Candle ones though as my local Yankee shop has them in Midnight Jasmine which I love.
Yep I was there the first TSV too. They do a good job of looking pretty but as that is not the point pretty pointless!

Only time you ever smelt anything was when turning the reeds to apparently maximise the smell. I never smelt anything in the room at all so highly disappointing.

I read the previous reviews to see if anything had changed but seems not. Shame cos attractive and idea is good.
Got a couple of Pecksniffs reed diffusers from TKMaxx.......glad i didn't pay a lot because I think these types of room fragrancer are a waste of money.

Unless you are sitting next to them with your nose about 6 inches from the reed you smell nowt!!!!
They are carp.

Bought they when they were a TSV ages ago (similar ones by the same brand) and as others have said, they smell ok if you go right up to them an sniff them, but they really don't fragrance the room.

I have had a set of the Yankee ones (Clean Cotton) which did fragrance the room, but they were stupidly expensive for what they were and I'd not bother again.

Think the wax tarts (Yankee or Darls') are the best way to get a good strong fragrance, and if you're worried about naked flames, get an electric tart warmer.

If you do want to try this sort of thing, get a cheap one in TK Maxx and see what you think.
I was just re-reading the reviews for the last aroma di casa set of 6 tsv, I'm amazed by such a mixed bag of reviews, practically split down the middle, 25(5+4 star) for(liking them) and 21(1+2 star) against.

I bought the set of 6 when it was a tsv and loved the 2 that I kept, very nice subtle scents, I would get them again and keep them all.

As I only tried 2 I cant really comment on the whole set but I seem to have a keen sense of smell as evidenced by my smelling of gas for months when OH convinced me it was my imagination, turned out we had a gas leak after all :11:.

I wouldnt get this tsv but I might get the set of 6 again to try them all.

Very tempted to get Tova again.
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they would be ok in a small room I think like a toilet or bathroom
I have a juicy orange one(yankee) which I got in America,dirt cheap aswell $5!! in a discount store in New York,I wouldnt pay what they go for here though-gave one for a gift to a friend at Xmas and hers is in her downstairs loo and you can really smell it
hope this helps x (the store was century 21 if anyone lucky enough to go to NYC the candles were also around $5-$10 each so I stocked up when I was there)
Hi All
I have to agree about the Yankee ones, I have recently purchased two, one in Beach Walk one in Sun and Sand and they really smell good and scent the whole (largeish) room.
In the States they are selling do it yourself reed kits, you buy a container, reeds and oil and make them yourself.....good idea
Can't remember the make of my reed difusser, but it said to turn the reeds round, which I do once a month. I love them as they don't overpower a room, but as you walk past the fragrance gets 'wafted'.

If you really want fragrance and clean air without the chemicals go for a Goodsphere or N-vironsphere....far nicer.

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