Is This The Nice Carla That Used To Be On IW?


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Aug 29, 2008
Has anyone seen the piece in QGossip blog on the QVC website?

Isn't that Carla, the nice lady who used to be on IW?

She's presenting a range of bags, Tignanello handbags on QVC TV this Friday 5th September.
Thank you Mrs James,

I agree, she was always wasted in IW. It would be nice if her new career took her along the same road as Claudia....demo-ing and then QVC offering her a presenter contract! :D
Bit like me :yo:

I'm a little concerned here.....the more I see that smiley the more it looks like S. Weightman too me! Why does she always finds it necessary to hold everything so her chest is in the shot!

Perhaps those tassels will be the next POTD? :D

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