Is there an Ojon tsv?


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Seriously Fluffy
Jun 24, 2008
Seems ages, although I didn't buy the last one. I wish they'd do one with either Shine & Protect or Tawaka. Didn't think I liked Tawaka but have just started using it again and it has made my hair shiny like the Shine & Protect.

Can't see any TSV's but they have got a couple of shows on Friday 5th September at 2pm and 7pm. They are also on Saturday 6th at 3pm and 9pm.
Thanks Tabatha. I've run out of Shine & Protect and getting low on Tawaka. I'm hoping they get the Shine & Protect set back in stock. I went to Liberty recently and they'd sold out of the S&P shampoo, so got some from ebay. The lady at Liberty has taken details of Tawaka and said she's going to have a word with the manager to see if they can stock it. That will be good news for anyone not buying from QVC. :)
I bought 250mls sizes of the Tawaka shampoo and conditioner from ebay last month. I know they where from a QVC US TSV kit.

Keep an eye on Jayne's site she should be getting more Ojon. That is where I buy my S & P from.
Wish my hair looked as good as the models they have on:rolleyes:,
but it doesnt after ive used Ojon:eek:. Was very disappointed.

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