Is the Lock & Lock range on Amazon's site the same as on QVC?


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be careful a friend was going to order lock and lock from Amazon as she had a voucher, but they were charging pand p on each item so she cancelled the order. Lakeland sell Lock and Lock.
Thanks grovesey, I have a voucher too and would just like a bacon box to start with but I would order a book too so that I didn't have to pay p & p. But is it the proper Lock & Lock on Amazon though?
TI would order a book too so that I didn't have to pay p & p.

I don't think you can, Girlie, because the Lock & Lock is not being sold by Amazon, it doesn't qualify for free delivery.

However, it's branded Lock & Lock so it's the same stuff, although they seem to do slightly different ranges within the brand.

When I cannot buy from QVC I have bought from my local Charlies store. I have noticed that over the last few weeks stocks in Charlies has been going down.

When I asked why, they said they are having issues getting stock.

Thanks very much for the link Themroc, just about to go there now and check out what they have and how the prices compare. I would go for another set on QVC's website, but a lot of the sets have containers that are too small for my needs, which is why I was thinking about getting a couple elsewhere to boost my collection.
Sheesh, won't be ordering from charliesdirect, I put one Lock & Lock container for £1.27 in my basket and the P & P of £4.20 pushed it up to £5.47! :confused2:

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