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Jun 24, 2008
Rosemary the care assistant on the morning show as a guest customer ?

She's bought everything they have been talking about.
Loving Irene she's great plus she's not slept last night was so nervous about being on tv.
I watched it from the start and I think Debbie just explained that because it was the first annual anniversary of the Morning Show, then they had some "guest" customers. I agree with Mrs James though - Rosemary seemed a little too comfortable with the cameras/studio environment.
Where does she work as a care assistant and can I get a job there? She has got nearly everything featured. When Debbie was trying to sell the silver verona watch she tried to talk to Rosemary about it but Rosemary allowed the silver was "alright" but she had the gold version. She quickly added for best and said the silver would be alright for every day. Suddenly the watch had sold out and the item changed.
wonder how they selected these ladies? missed the start of the show so they may have explained then.

Lined up a selection of the production team in the canteen at lunchtime & picked the most likely 'typical QVC shopper' candidates?
(Cheaper than bringing them in from outside agencies! lol)
The Rosemary thing is all baloney. She has a lovely home, if the ad is actually filmed there, and seems to have bought from most QVC brands. Either she is a care assistant to a generous multi-millionaire or she has a rich hausband in which case why bother doing such a demanding job ?

Next thing - she will be turning up in the studio as a model/guinea pig.

Linda :hi:
:grin:Wish I'd seen this. Rosemary makes me laugh-she's so posh! Her house is very sumptuos. I don't think she wears a ring in the ad but I suppose there could be a Mr Rosemary somewhere.
What about the older woman who strolls along the beach with her husband, goes into the supermarket, and then tells us how to use Q-Cut ?

Linda :sleepy:
You mean the 'absolutely loopy' woman. :hi:

My pet hate is the promo where they've dragged in some QVC customers off the street and then made them pose awkwardly in fancy dresses wearing diamonique. The whole thing has the tag line of 'chosen by you' or something. The end bit where they're all ill at ease and walking towards the camera, clapping drives me mad.

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