Is LocknLock liquid tight ? opps !!!


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Although I do love my L+L, and wouldn't dream of using the cheaper imitations, I don't use them for liquid - I don't have any need to - and I have found that, when turned upside down, water can drip out.
I've been really dissapointed with my L+L i got 2 sets of the polycarbonate ones.I've had numerous broken hinges and despite Malcom hitting them on air with a hammer 4 of mine have broken or cracked :eek: they have been used with care and not even frozen so it's back to cheapies for me.It doesn't help when QVC insist on the entire set being returned each time,they know what they are doing there.
I've never thought of storing liquids in them. I've had some of my L & L since it first came out and it is used all the time and I havn't had a problem at all with any of it. My husband takes a packed lunch, 5 days a week using it, too. However, I've never fancied the polycarbonate ones and those particular ones don't seem to get good reviews....
I can't believe this just opened another one that has only been used this once and it's broken in exactly the same place as the others,crap quality at top prices never ever again Lock n Lock you suck.

They are also not as good at keeping in smells as they claim. Whenever I store an onion in the fridge in one you certainly know its there lol!
About 3 of my polycarbonates are cracked/broken as per above pic, I'm sure that one of them was before I even used it :(

As for the "traditional" variety - beware of microwaving an oily sauce - say bolognese or suchlike - the insides get burned to b*ggery :( :(

I'm having trouble finding the spilt milk, will keep trying ;) Oh yeah! It was a bit quick for me - as they intended :D

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i love my lock n lock but i only have the old fashioned ones and they dont leak at all.

twice the hinges on 2 lids have broken but considering the amount i have that quite good going.

yes onion does kind of transfer a bit but i wrap things like that first then put it in the lock and lock.

it seems like most of the problems are to do with the polycarbonate ones. i would try the basic ones.

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