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Feb 3, 2009
Hi, I don't know too much about jewellery, apart from i love it! I have seen a ring, item UCV5354 on gemstv, at £139. could anyone help me, is it a good price for that ring? quality etc. thanks

I am looking for a nice diamond ring or pendant, but want to choose the right one! :)
My pleasure!

Very pretty ring and I'm sure there'll be someone along soon with some advice for you.

I don't know much either! :D
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It's a very pretty ring and if you love it then it's worth it. I buy very much from the heart and if I fall in love with a piece and and can afford it then I buy it. It doesn't say what grade the diamonds are but presumably gemstv do decent diamonds. (I haven't bought from them). If you really want it I say go for it. You can always return it if it doesn't meet your expectations IRL.
The first question is how fussy are you with diamonds? Do they have to be bright white and sparkle or would you accept them looking a bit grey?

Top grade diamonds (i.e. white and sparkly) for .40ct are going to cost a fair bit more than £139 - that really is the gold and workmanship price without the diamonds.

Give GemsTV a call and ask what colour and clarity the diamonds are. They will tell you. Basically if the diamonds are D, E, F, G, H or I in colour they'll be fairly white. If the clarity is VVS, VS or SI then they'll be nice and clean to the eye. If they're I1, I2, I3, they'll most likely have marks that you'll be able to see with the naked eye.

I suspect they'll be I or J in colour and I1-I2 in clarity.

If you're not fussy and just want a pretty ring at a great price - go for it. It you're super colour sensitive or fussy then you may be better saving up a bit more and getting something that has better quality diamonds.

Hope that helps.
Thanks meeshoo, great info, i'll def give it some thought and i'll give gemstv a call for some extra info regarding the quality of the diamonds. thanks again :)
I ordered the ring, but i got it cheaper than the first time i saw it! got it for £109. it arrived today

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sorry pics a bit small, i'll try again!


what do you guys think? just deciding if its a keeper or not
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Does it sparkle with lots of fire, gemdreamer? It looks a bit lifeless to me, but it's really difficult to capture sparkle in photo's so it may look better in the flesh. If it dazzles and flashes I'd say keep it, £109 seems a reasonable price and it does sit nicely on your hand. Ultimately, if you don't feel excitement when you look at it then it's maybe not for you.

I generally have to love something instantly or it goes back.
Hi uggles, yes, lots of sparkle IRL, diamonds look whiter IRL too compared to the pic. I loved it as soon as i opened the box, but i am terribly indecisive and tend to need to mull it over abit! At the mo i hate the idea of sending it back and am already refering to it as my square diamond ring! :)
hi gemdreamer that is a lovely looking ring suits your hand and if you already refering to it as your square rine me thinks you must keep it wear it and enjoy lifes too short to regret.
How do you make sure that the diamond that cost you a fortune is of standard quality and value? Simply by its certification.

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL). These institutes make use of state-of-the-art equipment and instruments to analyze diamonds in great detail and provide an impartial report on them.

The Gemological Institute of America is one of the most renowned and trusted authority on diamonds. A GIA report is prepared by a thorough examination of the cut, clarity, color, carat, brilliance, symmetry, weight, finish etc. of the diamond. It also tracks the source of the diamond and ensures that it is conflict-free.

The European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) is an established gemological institution making the most of cutting edge technology and research. The certificate issued from EGL includes a unique report number for future reference as well as the shape, weight, color, clarity, measurements and a plotting diagram of the diamond. They also provide Diamond Appraisal along with the certificate.

Diamond certification is very important since it is an indicator of the market value of your diamond. Besides providing true information about the diamond, it protects you from fraud and makes your online purchase easy and convenient. So make sure that you buy diamonds from a trustworthy jeweler such as Fascinating Diamonds!

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