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Jun 24, 2008
On the phone/not the web!
.....or does something look amiss here? :wonder2:

I'm trying to work out what day of the week it was when the photo was taken, by looking at the 'days of the week' label on the front of her pants:giggle::giggle:
Never wear your vest under a see-through frock, and if you're a bit hefty in the muff department use it for a handwarmer instead of just leaving it lurking there. xxxxxx
I thought it looked like an old fashioned underskirt. But then what do I know.

I was following a young mum yesterday wearing white trousers. From the rear it looked liked she had sat in something wet on her bottom. I found I couldn't take my eyes off her rear and wondered when I approached her should I tell her about her rear. Anyway when I got up real close and was overtaking her I noticed that she had not sat in anything wet it was where the material was rather thin, either side of the middle strip there were large pockets. It sure looked weird and was glad it wasn't me wearing the trousers.
I was a bit embarrassed to admit after reading this thread, that I had actually ordered this dress. I didn't think it looked particularly see through in the pictures, if I thought that it was I would have never ordered it. It arrived today...and OMG!!!!!!! See through is the understatement of the year!!!! How you spotted it in the picture, God knows, cause to me it looked fine!! Anyway, onto the see through bit! The top bit comprises of quite heavy lace work, it's a bit see through, but as long as you don't wear dark underwear, it would be fine, the bottom of the dress isn't what I'd call lace, it's net curtain material, and despite having a white lining, the lining is also sheer and guess what? you can see EVERYTHING through it!!!! I thought with the net curtains, you can see out of them but you can't see in...not the case here, that's for sure lol!

The woman in the picture standing posing in front of the tree would be arrested if she went out wearing that dress without so much as a pair of tights on underneath, the view would be obscene...she must be wearing a one piece swimming costume underneath, and sweating like a horse one would imagine!

I'm keeping it 'cause having said all that- it's's sort of a kooky vintage style, looks so much nicer that it does in the picture. The top layer is ivory net with a very subtle spot pattern, and it's finished at the bottom with ivory coloured satin, and has a satin ribbon at the back. I couldn't wear it as a smart dress, but it does look really nice with a pair of black leggings underneath and flat pumps...or failing that it would do as a sexy nightdress...but I think my days of sexy nightwear are well and truly the leggings it is. Had it not only cost a fiver, I'm afraid I'd have sent it back, and I would have been pretty cheesed off, as nobody wants to see my arse, or anything else for that matter lol!
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Merryone you have made me laugh! I would suggest getting an eye test as it is sooooo see through on that picture LOL

I applaud your bravery though in your admission.
You're not alone in liking the dress merryone. I thought it was cute and vintagey-looking. A petticoat would do the job or, as you say, leggings. Bet you look lovely in it. Post a pic, but remember to cover those nethers!
I think it's about time we had a "confessional" on the forum, though it could get a bit crowded xxx

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