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Jun 24, 2008
I have just left the room to escape Alison Young's shouting. Is it particularly bad today or is it just me? I could turn the volume down but then I wouldn't hear Laura - who I want to hear. I can't be turning the volume down everytime Alison interrupts - so I have left the room. Now where is my Aspro Clear?:(:(:(
I think she must be very good as a beauty therapist, 'cos her presenting skills leave a lot to be desired. Saying that, you would do as you are told!!
I agree as a therapist she is very knowledgeable and is excellent at recommending products, I just wish she would allow the guests to speak without the constant interrupting and talking over them imo it is so rude. I rarely watch her now and that is a shame as I did enjoy her shows and learnt a lot from her.
I thought she was more shout-y than usual today and kept interrupting Laura Geller - annoying because I haven't seen her range before and was interested to hear what LG was saying, when she could get a word in edgeways!
its the same with Jill Franks i think she should go back to her original job being a fitness expert rather than a pretty average talks to much presenter
Alison seems very shouty every time LG is with her, lots of people complained last time Laura came to QVC. I like Laura's products and her advice and definately want to hear what she has to say.
Can't stand her. She simply cries out for the chloroform pad. Literally.
Yep, I only lasted about 2 minutes before I had to switch off today - a pity as I'd been looking forward to the Laura Geller shows and enjoyed the one with Debbie Greenwood this morning, but couldn't stand it this aft - mind you, at least I kept my debit card safe lol.
You lot really crack me up!

The best cure for the blues I know. You should be available on prescription.

Keep it up.......please.
She is so bossy, shrill and generally off-putting. I can no longer watch her and if there is a show I'm interested in that she's presenting, I just keep track of what they're showing via the 'current on-air product' link on their website.

My joy at seeing she wasn't presenting tonight's show was quickly snuffed out by the fact that Julia 'Me, Me, Me' Roberts is :mad:
I know Alison is literally very experienced and literally has lots of information and advice on literally a million and one products. Plus, of course, she literally has been the 'Resident Beauty Expert' for literally hundreds of years.

I literally nearly always mute the TV when she's presenting because she literally goes on and on for literally 99% of every show. I think there are literally hundreds of viewers who must literally do the same..............!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you all for reassuring me that I wasn't finally turning into a grumpy old woman!! The problem with using the mute button is that we miss out on what the guest has to say. Alison if you do read this try to remember that it's not all about you! We tuned in for Laura Geller and not to suffer temporary trauma to our ear drums.
I literally can't watch the mouthy bat anymore. She has an actual voice that gets on my actual nerves, literally. Whilst it is always an actual pleasure to have a resident beauty expert literally tell me that make-up should be applied to my actual face, in my own actual home, literally, I nevertheless feel that I would have actually realised before too long that face powder should be applied to my actual face, literally, rather than to my elbows where I, in my non beauty expert way, was continuing to literally apply it. I feel so stupid now, literally. It's also enlightening to know that I literally can't buy any of the products sold on the actual beauty shows anywhere else whatsoever, and if I could, they would cost me literally hundreds of actual pounds. Also reassuring, literally, to know that she has an actual aversion to cosmetic surgery and is literally not afraid to tell actual models off on air for daring to have actual procedures, literally. Obviously, I have missed the actual shows where she has literally told Lulu and Tova in no uncertain terms what she literally thinks of their surgeon's actual work. Literally. Another point in her actual favour is that I seem to matter very much literally to her in her day to day actual life. I know this because she tells me, literally, that everything she is wearing on her actual face is for me, literally. I am deeply moved by her literal concern. For you.

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