Is Caroline Giving Drama Lessons??!!


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Jun 24, 2008
Do you know why I find it necessary to vent off about this channel?? No it's not because I'm a narky bitch it's because I am SO DISAPPOINTED at how what could have been a great channel has gone to the dogs because of their awful presenting style and massive price hikes!

I watch TJC most of the time nowadays and they get most of my hard earned cash but I flicked over today and couldn't believe what I saw - Kay Little's been cloned as Caroline Lindsay!! You should have seen the face - mouth open, jaw dropped, nothing coming out of the mouth (yes that makes a change!!) exactly the same as Ms Lindsay!! She was showing a 0.92ct, peely-wally (Scottish for pale and uninteresting!!) Paraiba pendant which she was trying to convince us was a "great price" at £1699 :Laughing1: then it dropped to £1499 before going to £900 and something. Well her jaw dropped quicker than the price I can tell you - fake look of total shock etc. We then got another lecture about how great the price was, how they shouldn't be at that price, how nobody can find Paraiba anymore, how scarce it is even although every second piece on Rocks & Co is a "scarce" Paraiba - I think they must have bought up the World's supply they have so much!!

I paid £679 for my Paraiba ring from TJC and I can tell you something - if their Paraiba is worth what they are charging then mine in comparison must be worth 10 times what I paid for it because believe me - the difference is like night and day! Oh and it doesn't have a window either - wonder if they charge more for the double glazing??!!
Hi klosblue,

I'll have to check this out... :33:

The PB drivel is quite ridiculous, I agree. I don't own any cos I can't afford it but even if I could, I wouldn't buy it from them.
Just been thinking......can you imagine if they changed our fabulous John into a Caroline Clone?? OMG the viewers would be in an uproar! When he was on holiday over Easter they had loads of emails asking where he was obviously because they kept saying he was on holiday and he would be back soon etc. John's far too professional and clever to be turned into something else and he's far rarer than their Paraiba that's for sure!! Wonder what price he'd get if they put him up for auction?? Now there's an idea - your very own stylist with a great sense of humour - you'd look great and laugh all day!! What more could a girl want?!

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