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havent watched Gems for a while but so far this weekend i have seen wooden neclaces(NO GEMS) mother of pearl (NO GEMS) and now iron fairies (DEFINATELY NO GEMS):taphead: :puke: :headbang:have they totally lost the plot
well we've had the wood and mother of pearl and iron last night was the gold and silver with crystal the crystal side of it wasnt so bad but in the past if something was gold plated at least it was plated over silver the new range isnt from what i heard it is just base metal but so expensive considering
the Hidden Treasures I think would look 100 per cent better without the faux crystals. I really like the piglet, it has such a whimsical face; but i dont like the crystals, it just makes it look cheap and tacky, and they do look like they have just been glued on any old how, I mean what bright spark come up with the idea of selling animal/cartoon related trinket boxes covered in glass beads? :thinking2:

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