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Sep 28, 2008
Poole, Dorset
you know the slip you get in your parcel thats got the order details on and return labels ect, well i just got my birkies i orderd the other day and it says £0.00 p+p £0.00 total price £0.00!!does that mean i havent been charged?lol cant check till hubby gets a day off to go and get a minni statment as i used his cc!!!has anyone else had this? im assuming its a typing error but i can dream!:54::54:
it does say £0.00 if sent to a different address or name other than the account holder, i use my mums account but sent to me and it is always £0.00 on mine sorry but you will have been charged. :2:
no my husbands got a account so deliverd to our home address same as billing address!says the total price on the order tracking thing, will be intersting to see
The only time I had £0.00 on my invoice was when I had it sent to a different address
Would be lovely if you got it for free but I dont suppose that will happen
If you are sent a replacement item (say if something has gone missing or is faulty/damaged) then the invoice says £0.00. I'd assume it is just a clerical error - the charge seems to go through separately anyway, so I'd think you'll have to pay!
I am interested to see that so many of you wouldn't tell them about such a mistake! Perhaps I am unusual but I always tell people if I have been undercharged/given too much change etc.
oh dear Suziq, i'm afraid that i'm a sinner!

I practically jump for joy when the error is in my favour, sadly its not been from QVC, but I've had my moments!!!!!! One time was in m&s ~ I took a dressing gown back and didn't have a receipt as it was a present. She was so busy talking to a colleague about her night out that she gave me the wrong value of vouchers, I didnt look at them straight away ~ I left the shop and I did feel guilty (for a split 2nd) she had given me double the amount.... that made my day~week~month etc...

So, sorry Suziq, guilty as charged! :53:
I'm with you Tricia on this one. I took a suitcase back to Argos a few weeks ago and the lady credited my account with the price of two suitcases. I resisted the urge to go back to tell her about her error. I was thrilled for a week.

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