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Jun 24, 2008
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Hi guys

Is this Instafix Wood & Decking Restorer any good?

Our decking gets oiled once or twice a year, but is 4 yrs old now and some fungi and other stains are quite visible on some parts, especially where we have pots
Before we oil the decking this year, I need to clean it, but i don't like the cleaners you can buy at homebase ed, as they are quite strong and you need to brush it in.
This product looks practical as you just dissolve it and spray over the wood with a watering can. After a few days, the mould would disappear.....
I can't see any recs on the website yet, so maybe some of you have used this?
See, now this is what children are really for! Isn't it Bob-a-job-week soon? :14:
Of course you could always use the "30 day MBG" and let us know.
lol sheepdog
i could return it in the 30day MBG, but...... there won't be any product left as there is only 1 sachet to be dissolved in hot water.
What would I be returning? The empty box.....

You could send them a plank but the p and p would be hefty! :54: Seriously, if it's one pack and it does not work, send them the empty box and a letter. I would.
Well they say you can 'return' food items, which of course you may very well already have eaten, so I don't see that an already used in its entirety gardening/DIY product would be any different?
At least I think you can return food? I'm sure they said that on the 'pies' show?

Maybe take some 'before' & 'after' photos for a bit of proof, just in case it does turn out to be totally useless?
Waste of money , you can get a cheap pressure washer for about £30 and that will bring it up as good.
As Deanos suggests, borrow a pressure washer and clean - that's what the professionals do and apply a stain/sealant afterwards.
Job Done.

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