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Mrs James

aka bella battenburg
Jun 24, 2008
borderline Cheshire
Suddenly , the jewellery is celebrity inspired :confused:
I feel sorry for any of you that bought the same pieces last week when they were plain and uninspired :rolleyes:
What a load of tosh !!!
Have to agree Mrs J. I don't really want my taste to be associated with a lot of non-entities, I'd rather share my taste with my fellow Rockaholics and blingbabes!!!

Out of nosiness I had a look at the list today to see if any of my bling was on it - only one piece, apparently I'm just like Jennifer Lopez...
Kind of a self defeating exercise when you don't know most of the names they're quoting mind you!!!
It's just like ASOS for bling, don't have an issue with it at all. If it helps sales, why not??
But I take drugs, drink myself stupid and look frazzled and knickerless getting in cabs outside nightclubs. Where am I going wrong? :11:
... ... ... Now comes to the bit that I really don't like...the Celeb Style? I really, really don't enjoy this part. It is not that I don't like Madonna or Mariah Carey. But I think Rocks is more than going after or being worn by celebs to become a fashion symbol. I think Rocks is a style itself. They mentioned that their designs are inspired by nature, flowers, leaves, and so on. I don't enjoy being mentioned as Madonna or Carey style just because I like jewelry from that pick on Rocks. It may just be my own bias that I don't like celebs giving those thin, good figure and funky clothes and loud looks that makes people being compared to or looked down on, as I had been one of the object of being put against such "MODELS of women" and sneered at.

I don't know why Rocks have to do that, I think they style pretty well without needing the help of such celeb names. In my own opinion, that actually spoiled Rocks styling and designing inspiration in my mind. I like Rocks being different, I like my own pick of style, and not just being trendy with those celebs.


That's what I have been saying before!
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As I said on the other thread in answer to Alupha - I couldn't care less either, what "celebs" are wearing...I find it patronising to be told this is what they're wearing and the implication is that I should copy them...

But - this form of marketing obviously works on some people - don't ask me who - but if it works then Rocks can't be blamed for using it...

And if I see a "personality" is wearing something similar to an item I've got, it doesn't make me value the item any more - I like it myself, and that's all that matters...All it does do, is make me think I could have been a trendsetter if I'd been famous!
I agree with the comments others have made.

Also the celebs have been "added" to pieces that were there already... I don't believe the designers had those celebs in mind at all when designing this pieces (which is surely what "inspired" means)?

Rocks TV has lots of good and innovative ideas, but this isn't one of them - get rid of the celebs, please, Rocks! We all want a bit of glam, but Sarah Bennett will fit the bill for us - she is lovely at least she DOES have something to do with the jewellery!

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