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Jun 18, 2009
Through the Looking Glass
I wondered how long it would take the presenter to mention her ' short neck'..22 mins into show this time. She never fails to bring it up, must have a real complex poor love :wave2:
I am an Indigo Moon fan ( don't you all start on me, somebody has to buy it! ) I really like the "never-knowingly underdecorated look " and that unsubtle appearance of having disguised myself as a flower garden's fun for me to have clothes as loud as I can be ........BUT..... I cannot abide that woman who comes when Julia K is not here.
She is repetitive in the extreme and, worse of all, since the wretched creature often refers to Julia K, she is CONSTNATLY saying "she" .......has her mother taught her no manners? I find it hugely irritating to have that hopeless guest call the designer SHE every ten seconds. SO RUDE!! The woman's neck is probably short to prevent someone wringing it in frustration!
Actually I prefer the woman with the short neck to the designer with her funny accent - half Russian and half New York.


I do admit that with that accent Julia K does sound like she's come straight from the set of a Morecambe and Wise film..... :grin:

I just hate the rudeness of SHE all the time from the other one !
I don't know why but I don't like listening to Julia K. She mangles nearly every word.
I cannot bear Julia K's accent either plus the fact she is almost entirely humourless....which is strange considering some of the jackets ;)

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