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Jun 30, 2008
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Hello everyone

I've got a quick question that I hope you can help me with....

I was just wondering - if you have placed an autobid (are currently winning an item), but you then want to increase the autobid - does it work? Or do you end up bidding against yourself??

I'm too chicken to try it - but wondered if anyone else had done this?

Many thanks in advance
Good question Pepsidoodle, afraid I have no idea. Probably a quick email to Rocks would provide the answer. Will be interested to hear what the answer is.
I've upped my autobid several times during and before an auction both in a winning position and behind with the desired outcome. You can't bid against yourself Pepsi so don't worry about that. Happy bidding! :)
With the help of Steve & Katherine I know know that you can increase your autobid & you won't bid against yourself

Phew - all sorted now & I don't have to worry about not being home in time lol!

& thanks again Katherine & Steve - excellent customer service yet again
Proxy bidding. It must work along the same lines as Auctionsniper etc on Ebay. :pPC:
Just in case you ever need to, you can also decrease your bid - whatever you type in the bid box over-rides the amount you had in there previously (handy if you put in too many zeros by mistake) :D
that's good to know bsb :) if you put the wrong amount in wondered what would happen and how you could change it

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