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Jun 29, 2008
In my opnion I get really, really annoyed with presenters using the phrase 'In my opinion...'

Exactly of what value is their opinion when it will be totally partisan? I mean they are hardly likely to say 'In my opinion this is a piece of c**p...' so if their opinion is only going to be how unbelievably wonderful an item is they may aswell keep it to themselves because their opinion is of no interest to me

Here's a ring I made, I'm selling it for the bargain price of £100,000, which, in my opnion is a bargain price. In my opinion it has the best cut gems in the world and in my opinion it is the ultimate piece of jewellery for your collection and in my opinion you'd be the envy of your friends wearing it, in my opinion...


*Note to self...return to watching Rocks & Co with volume turned to OFF.
Hi Huggles :Hiya:
I know it's really annoying but for legal reasons they have to say that so it distances them from it being taken as the company's opinions and therefore leaving the company open to legal action when people find out they were talking carp! It's similar to someone using "allegedly" as in "Joe Bloggs is sleeping with Jeannie Bloggs allegedly" meaning everyone knows they are but we can't say it in case they sue!!

To be honest though, in my opinion, allegedly, what they say is NOT their opinion - they are saying what they're told to say - just like robots! Except our John of course.

Totally agree with all your points, Klos. Which is exactly the problem...unless it is a fact I really don't give a diddly squat what they are blethering on about and really should, for the sake of my sanity, stop listening to the c**p they spout! :D It's the total over use of the phrase that gets my goat...good drinking game, though. If you took a shot everytime they came out with that phrase you'd be paraletic in no time!
The phrase get on my nerves a bit too, BUT IMO a lot of what they spout is utter bullocks at times :D
I love John too, for his sharp wit. However, before we deify him, we should remember that he's still selling us the same tat at the same inflated prices as the others, and is more than intelligent enough to know what he's doing. Some of the (shall we say) less bright presenters, may think they're telling the truth.

Argey xx

P.S. John - if you see this I do think you're great, just not keen on the job you have chosen.

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