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Jun 24, 2008
Over the weekend I have received all of the items I recently ordered from QVC - including some ordered as late as Friday and Saturday. I know we have all had iffy experiences with deliveries from time to time but, given the number of parcels they must be despatching I think that's pretty impressive. Hopefully you will all have this experience!
I have found this with most on-line shopping I have done. I think they have increased their staff to cope with the 'xmas rush' and then people have not bought as much as they thought due to the recession - so they don't have much to do.

This is still very impressive for qvc as we all know just how slow their delivery can be. Just had my smashbox tsv which was on last wednesday - these normally take about 10 days to come.
So if they can do it at this busier time of year, they should be able to do it all year round. So come on QVC keep it up.
could it be they had too many temp staff on duty & not as many orders to despatch. due too the credit crunch
I ordered a YC set on monday evening and it came today. I was shocked as its not a Christmas present, it is a gift for a friends birthday next year, the YC set was in the bargain bit and only had the blue option available which is fine as all her house in various shades of blue.

Great job QVC and the delivery people/companies.

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