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I seem to be sending more back than keeping at the mo. :sad:

I absolutely adore the design of this necklace and it's a great carat weight at almost 12g of 14k white gold BUT the diamonds are lifeless - even in the brief sunshine we had today. They do perform slightly in sunlight and electric light but not much in all honesty. I'm really sad about this because it matches beautifully a bracelet I wear every day.

I also think this is a tad too short to be flattering. The details say 15.5" and it's probably 16" but because it's heavy with fixed metal links rather than a chain, it fits quite high on the neckline.

The price is the other downer for this piece. It's £549 on 3 easy payments. If the diamonds were top notch it would be worth it (just). However, they're not. If it were £299 I would be keeping it and getting an extra couple of links to make it longer but at £549 I can't justify spending more on a necklace with inferior diamonds, so it's going back.

One last delivery(!) arriving on Saturday which hopefully will have a few keepers.


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It's a bummer when a delivery turns out to be a disappointment but at least you're not stuck with it. Tbh Meesh imo it looks very fussy, just not my :44: I suppose. I hope your Saturday order is more successful. :pPC:
Thats such a shame but fancy setting inferior in such a piece as that! what are gems thinking?
I know how you feel the last 5 items i've ordered from tjc have all gone back for various reasons think they'll show me the door soon lol
Fingers crossed for Saturday.
That is such a shame Meeshoo because it's a really pretty necklace but if the diamonds don't sparkle like they should then it deserves to go back.
Shame about the carp diamonds Meesh as it looks a very pretty necklace. I hate when you have return pieces due to quality, especially after a getting all excited waiting for it to arrive :(
As you know, I love the floral design of this necklace. I agree though, if the diamonds aren't performing, then it's very expensive for what it is. Oh well, onward and upward. You'll just have to think of something else now to buy with your refund.
Such a pretty design too - so sorry you're having a disappointing time with your shopping this week. xxxxxxx
Did you / do you know what quality the diamonds were? ..supposed to be?

I am always quite surprised that even alot of the high cost jewellery has I diamonds.

if they arent gunna be good enough to sparkle what is the use of them?
What a shame, its such a delicate, pretty design - fancy using sparkle free diamonds and spoiling it :sad:
..it dont mean a thing if u aint got that 'bling' ...do-wah do-wah do-wah do-wah de do.
It's true that Gems do use some shocking diamonds sometimes. It would be great if, say, they had a minimum diamond quality of SI in gold pieces, and then at least you would be confident of something accpetable. (For all their faults, I don't believe I've ever had I diamonds from Rocks & Co.)

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