I'm in shock. P&P was actually mentioned!!!!


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Nov 15, 2008
Wow, the presenter this afternoon mentioned a deal to save on P&P!!!!

I have never heard P&P mentioned by ANY presenter on any of the Situp channels before, ever.

Today they were selling the duvet/sheet/curtain combo. Instead of selling them as 3 lots like they usually do, they sold as one.

The presenter was keen to point out, and kept repeating the fact, that normally you would have to ring up 3 times and pay 3 lots of P&P to buy the set (which is actually what normally happens), but today they were doing it for 1 phone call and one P&P!

An early Christmas miracle? (seeing it is the Christmas period for these channels).

I was always under the impression the presenters were gagged from mentioning the extra cost of buying items from these channels.

The lot went for £22.99. This must be cheaper than ringing in 3 times.

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