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Jul 8, 2008
Yesterday I received a tiny tube of inexpensive eye cream in an enormous box full of polystyrene chips. This morning I received a (relatively) expensive bracelet which had been crammed into a tiny jiffy bag and sent 2nd class mail. The invoice was so badly screwed up it was barely readable as it had been shoved it. I think someone in the post office must've stepped on it at some point as the box and inner packaging was crushed to kingdom come.

Not only am I not happy at having spent so much P&P on such appalling packing and service (how they justify £4.95 for second class mail is beyond me), but is there no common sense within QVC as to how items should be packaged? Surely the expensive items should be the ones that are sent in tough boxes with poly chips? CS are sending a paid label for return but that doesn't deal with the fact that I now have missed a birthday because there was no way I could have given this as a gift, as was intended. They did offer to send a new box but I suspect that would have been crushed into a jiffy bag in the same way. CS were great but that's of no use unless "the powers that be" address the problem at source.

I'm also unimpressed with QVC's environmental conscience with their excess packaging.
Moth I have complained about the insane packaging on the QVC review site on a number of occasions. I too have received tiny tubes in huge boxes and jewellery in Jiffy bags.

If QVC had the bottle to do a similar star system to Ebay where we can vote on everything seperately i.e.

Item as described
Dispatch time
Postage and packaging charges

Then maybe they would get an idea of how disgruntled many of us are with their service. Some of my reviews have not been published because I have had a moan but its the only way we have of trying to get our views across.

I would imagine the packaging is all to do with which mailing service QVC are using for sending items.

If they send via RM, then their contract will require them not to send things in large boxes as the size puts up the price.

If they are sending liquids/tubes via Hermes/Parcelnet, they will have to send them in boxes with wadding because of the distribution/warehousing methods employed by the chimps (i.e. look lads, it's a QVC football, kick it and dance on it)


I would add that the couriers themselves are not responsible for the shoddy state that many of the parcels get into.
QVC boxes usually withstand a lot as they are strong. Ideal world boxes on the other hand were carp....far too flimsy. I think they have now gone elsewhere with their delivery contract.
The words logical packaging and QVC have never met.

I have had a box you could fit a full Smashbox TSV kit arrive with one little eyeliner brush in it. I had to search the box full of chips to find the brush.

Some items seem to be fine for instance, L'Occitane duo shea body lotion was well packed and only a few chips as it was a snug fit which was good.
I got a relatively expensive 4 or 5 piece Sue Devitt make up kit chucked in a jiffy bag and sent out, no inner packaging at all, and I've had the tiniest tube of summat sent out to me with the full plastic mailing sack, box and polystyrene chips agogo.

Where's the icon for Completely Bewildered?!
QVC packagin has been like this for a number of years either under packed or over packed. In the early days eerything wa voer packed.
If the bracelet was expensive, and the packaging it came in appalling - do you think it might be worth maybe taking some photos of it in the state it arrived in and sending them to QVC along with a complaint letter? It's a disgrace that that happens when they have the cheek to charge so much P&P on items, and there seems to be no rhyme or reason to what they charge either.

I've had similar issues with this kind of thing - and just posted about the Nails Inc TSV in that thread. Whoever packed that needs someone to have a word with them - the bottles were all packed in so that the nail buffer that was in the kit has been badly damaged by them and is mostly unusable.

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