If you could only buy one item from QVC...


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If you could only buy one, yes ONE item(rather difficult,i know)lol.:rolleyes:

What would it be?:D

Cleanse & Polish for me
Gatineau Melatogenine Futur Plus. In winter this is my absolute knight in shining armour.
Decleor Neroli - except that is available elsewhere. So I'd be greedy and go for a flock, herd, gathering, murder of pink flamingo...
Smashbox TSV here too

If I had to nominate a single item I would buy though then it would be Richard Jackson's Flower Power :)
Liz Earle TSV.

If a single product, it most probably would be either Cleanse & Polish or Nourishing Body Cream.

Cleanse and Polish but the idea of just being able to buy ONE THING brings be great physical pain!!
Forgive my ignorance Karina but what is Liquid Gold, sounds intriguing?
Thank You Karina, thought it was something in the jewellery line, LOL.

Thanks for explaining though.

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