if the face fits ?


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Mrs James

aka bella battenburg
Jun 24, 2008
borderline Cheshire
I went out shopping on .......Monday I think it was.....with my.....was it my cousin?.......tell a lie, it was my second cousin and we saw something similar to this in one of the High St stores, you know the one ;) and it was £80......hold on, that was something else.....no it was £600! yep £600 and not as good a quality as that one looks either

Sorry, wasn't Monday, it was Tuesday :1: hold on, we're only at Wednesday now :confused: well it was one day and defo not Saturday...or was it :31:
What the fook is that?!!!!!!! Blimey, I've seen tshirts, bags etc with stylised faces on them, but this looks like a blinking characature someone might have had done on holiday, and just looks totally out of place...you'd kind of look and think...."who's she?"...and "why have you got a picture of her emblazoned on your front"......it's just so random, isn't it?
Mrs J...how did you miss this!!!!!!!! Camel toe that extends right round the back!


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