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Oct 27, 2008
Hi all
Bought a yogurt maker which has lived in the car boot since Christmas,its now time to make some!! Can someone talk me through making the greek yogurt please?? I have bought a pack with 10 in from QVC as they seem to be popular.Thought if I can master making this I will move on to other flavours!! Thanks,Jane:1:
Hi queenie its so easy to make and i only do the greek one just follow what it says on back of packet you cant go wrong but in this weather i do put a little less water in dont fill it to the top,its so easy and its lovely hope this helps.
Awwh - lawd luv ya Queenie - if you can turn on the tap and boil a kettle, you can do this - 'onest. :60:

I have a really cold kitchen and cold water. I put about 1/3 warm water in and then put it in a cupboard. Usually works fine!
I too have a cold kitchen and it occasionally needs part of the water in the yoghurt maker replacing with hot water and then leaving a bit longer to set properly. No such problem in summer though. It really is very simple and makes yummy Greek yoghurt!

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