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Jun 24, 2008
IDect V2i Digital Triple Cordless Phone with Built in Answer Machine
Super Bargain Price £39.38
QVC Price £47.75
Item Number 560466
Availability In stock
UK P&P£5.45
I have been after a new answer phone for ages now, this one looks the part, but it is a pity they don't give you any more information about it. May be one to try out the 30 DMBG on. Has any one got it or a similar model and can let me know what you think about it.
Thanks for this Sazza,

I bought one of these phones for £20 last week in B&M as a quick replacement when my old cordless died. So far I'm impressed. Lovely and slim phones, lots of features and easy set up. My only concern so far is the battery life but it may be that I tend to leave it off the base set for days and when I pick it up the battery has died and the phone needs to be recharged.

Might just defrost the credit card and order these.
silly question - can you disable the answerphone facility as I have BT call minder? I want the option of having a phone in my bedroom without running wires upstairs but want to keep call minder.

yes you can disable the answerphone, I have 1571 on my phone and use it instead of the inbuilt answering machine.
Just checked and the model I have is the Q1i but I'd think that it is similiar to the QVC models.

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