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Jun 24, 2008
Has anyone heard this little gem? It's going round in this email:

EDIA: BT Launches Craft Channel

by Golnaz Alibagi
Listed under: News
Published: Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Ideal World has recently announced it is to launch a craft channel on BT Vision, the freeview service launched in 2006.
The channel, which will be presented by well-known TV host Stephanie Weightman, will be the first craft station to hit the BT Vision airwaves and has been launched due to the growing demand from BT viewers. It will go live on July 15th and primarily focus on family, friendship and making craft fun. Create and Craft presenter Stephanie Weightman says 'I look to make craft approachable, fun and something for all the family to do. For me, crafting is a way of life and it is very exciting to be part of the first and only crafting channel available to BT Vision viewers. I hope to shape the lives of others with crafting just as it has shaped mine.'

Retailers have expressed concerns that the channel will undercut their prices and entice customers away from the high street. Amanda Bridger, owner of Amanda's Hobbie Hideout, says 'If they sell products at much lower prices it could cause huge problems for us. At the moment I'm not very worried because I know a lot of people who watch those channels to get ideas. Many then come into the store looking for products they have seen on the shows. Of course, there are two sides to every story and not everyone will see it that way but I do believe the channel will ultimately expose crafts to a much larger audience which can only be a good thing really.'

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I've tried googling for info but can't find anything. I know that report posted on ST earlier about the IW AGM mentioned that they were looking to launch Ideal World on BT Vision later in the year, but this sounds different. I wondered if it might be Create & Craft, but it sounds new.

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