Ideal shares head for the floor


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Postman Matt

Registered Shopper
Jul 30, 2008
Worrying to see that Ideal market cap has sunk even further. Amazing to think the company was worth 100 million when Fumbling Fryatt took over, and is now worth 90% less! It will be interesting to see whether Paul and Val can work the old magic. The trouble is that, apart from when Howard is demonstrating that he is a tosser at night, the shows seem stuck in the past, and the whole television presentation is in desperate need of a revamp. Faint hope of that I suppose, as money must be short. :33:
Problem is that they are flogging the same tired old tat, day after day. Fleaflots, Craft etc with the same tired old presenters. IW needs a complete revamp from top to bottom, otherwise it will become another shopping channel that went bust. Fryatt has a lot to answer for, letting it get into the state it has. To be honest, I rarely watch it now, as I am fed up seeing the same stuff week in, week out. I hope it can be saved, but it will take some doing.

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